How To Fight A DWI Charge In San Antonio

dwiIf you have been arrested and charged with drinking and driving in San Antonio, you have legal rights that provide options for fighting in defense of the charges to win your case. It is possible based on the details of your arrest that key information could help in a dismissal of the DWI charge. By having your arrest details examined by skilled DWI attorney who will carefully analyze the circumstances of the arrest and what led to the arrest to ascertain any possible advantages or mistakes, may lead to a dismissal. For your best options contact this drinking while intoxicated attorney San Antonio.

This  San Antonio DWI lawyer has many years of experience in defending his clients. During court, the arresting officer’s police report is used by the prosecution to defend the position of the state. The report usually includes a breathalyzer test, urine, blood, and possibly a field sobriety test to be used as potential evidence against you.  Fortunately these tests can be challenged as unreliable because often the equipment is not maintained properly.  After an arrest, time is critical for hiring an experienced attorney to challenge and suppress all evidence collected for a speedy dismissal if possible. For more information, read more about San Antonio DWI lawyer.